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2014 Season
Our goal is to provide the players with a fun and instructional environment in which to learn the game of 
lacrosse. Everyone associated with this program is a volunteer who wishes to convey their love of 
lacrosse to the players in the program. We have made some guidelines in regards to games and 
practices, so that players and parents realize the expectations of our program from the start of the season. 
Our playing season consists of approx. 8 games in the MBYLL / MBGLL (Massachusetts Bay Youth 
Lacrosse League / Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League), with games being played on Sundays. In most 
cases, we will play four games at home and four games away. As with any outdoor sport, weather can 
play a factor in scheduling and cancellations. We follow MBYLL / MBGLL’s guideline on this also. 
MBYLL / MBGLL and Woburn Youth Lacrosse expect coaches, parents and players to exhibit the 
utmost respect towards officials, opponents and each other during games. We also expect that players 
will respect teammates and coaches during practice time as well. We are trying to teach good 
sportsmanship as well as the game of lacrosse. 

There will be two scheduled practices each week. Attendance at these practices is very important for 
players in order to learn the game of lacrosse. In order to be fair to all players and coaches, we need to 
stress the necessity of attending each practice. Absences can result in decreased playing time for the 
game that week. Multiple absences and problems with the practice schedule will be dealt with on a case 
by case basis and with the individual team coaches. This is why communication of absences needs to be 
communicated to the coach in advance. The only acceptable excuses for missing practice are school or 
family obligations and illness. 


Game jerseys are part of the program cost and are the responsibility of each and every player. If a 
game jersey is lost and needs to be replaced a $30.00 fee will be required to order a new jersey. 
All players need to wear black shorts, which are not provided by the league. 

Every play is responsible to provide their own MBYLL & MBGLL league approved equipment. 
In cases where Woburn Youth Lacrosse provides equipment (such as goalie gear, and defensive 
long poles) it is the responsibility of the player to return that gear back to Woburn Youth 

Honest communication between players, parents and coaches is necessary for the program to be 
successful. We feel these guidelines are necessary in order to be fair to everyone. We look forward to a 
successful season and welcome our many new players to the wonderful world of lacrosse! 
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