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Registration for the 2020 season begins on November 1, 2019  There is a $25 discount for the second and third family members and the 4th sibling would be free, although each member is required to pay the MBYLL/US Lacrosse fee.  Once the teams reach their limit, you will be placed on our waiting list.

U15 boys and girls must be in 7-8 grades, U13 boys and girls must be in 5-6 grades, U11 boys and girls must be in 3-4 grades. For girls only: U9 players must be in grades 1-2.  All players must reside in Woburn.


FOR GIRLS:The 2021 Spring Season cost for Girls is $205 total:  $175 for WYL plus $30 for US Lacrosse  For the 2020 Spring Season you must register with USLacrosse. http://www.uslacrosse.org Once that registration is paid and complete, you may register with the Woburn program.  

FOR BOYS:  For the 2021 Spring Season, the Boys total is $155:  $125 for WYL plus $30 for MBYLL membership.  This registration cost covers all fees for indoor practices, game fees(referees, etc), along with a game shirt and shorts.  We are able to reduce prices even after being one of the only towns in the area to give 100% refunds for the 2020 season.  Each player is required to register with the parent league at www.mbyll.org. Once that is complete and paid the confirmation will give you an MBYLL number code which you will need when you do step two, which is to register with our Woburn program. 

IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE TOTAL PROCESS; you should have payment acknowledgements from both MBYLL (for boys) or USLAX (for girls) and WOBURN YOUTH LACROSSE.  If you don't have acknowledgements from both, then your registration is not complete and you will not be placed on a team.



This registration will link you to MBYLL registration.

Opened: 11/06/2020
Closes: 06/01/2021

Open to: Men & Women